Since its foundation in 1976, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI - has played a central role in helping Korea become the world's most advanced information and communication powerhouse as the country's largest government-funded research institute specializing in information and communications technology.

Through the years, ETRI has developed the electronic telephone switch (TDX) to pave the way for the one-phone, one-household era; 4M/16M/64M DRAM to revolutionize memory semiconductors; commercialization of the digital mobile telecommunications system (CDMA) to lay down the foundation for Korea's emergence as a mobile phone powerhouse; digital multimedia broadcasting (terrestrial DMB) technology to institutionalize the "TV in my hand" culture; WiBro technology for mobile Internet; and NoLA technology as the 4th-generation mobile data transfer system.

Guided by its vision of being "the world's best leader in human technology," ETRI strives to develop new technologies in this era of digital convergence wherein technologies, industries, services, and networks are converged and combined so that mankind can lead a more pleasant, convenient, and safer life.

Banking on our successes through the years, we vow to continue exerting our best efforts as the leading institute for national research and development,t so that Korea can secure its place among advanced countries.




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