Dublin City University

The Research Institute for Networks and Communications Engineering (www.rince.ie), or RINCE (pronounced /rin-keh/) is based in Dublin City University (DCU - www.dcu.ie/), and affiliated with the school of electronic engineering, and the school of computing. Its activities are based around three main centers: The Center for High Speed Devices and Systems, The Center for Image Processing and Analysis, and The Networking Innovation Center. The Institute’s mission is to realize new research directions, and to make landmark contributions to the development ICT in the global information society.

“As researchers in the area of ICT, we have a social responsibility to improve the energy efficiency, and reduce the carbon footprint of the networks we design. At Dublin City University, we are very excited to be part of this ambitious initiative and we look forward to lending our expertise towards bringing about significant change in the ICT industry; change which will enable the internet's continued growth with a dramatically reduced impact on our planet.”

-Dr. Frank Smyth, Radio and Optical Communications Group, Research Institute for Networks and Communications Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University


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