CEA-LETI is a leading global research centre committed to creating and commercializing Innovation in micro-and nanotechnology for telecommunications, healthcare, security, transportation and energy/environment applications.

“With communications infrastructures representing about one third of the total ICT equipment consumption, telecommunication industry leaders are today committed to providing new solutions for more energy efficient networks. This will require the coordination of multidisciplinary teams ranging from components design to system architecture through IC design, radio interfaces, advanced protocols and network optimization. With fellow members of the GreenTouch Initiative, CEA-LETI is eager to start building a common vision of the challenges ahead and to propose roadmaps for a better future.”

Hughes Metras, Head of Programs, LETI

Dr. Laurent Malier

Dr. Laurent Malier is Chief Executive Officer at the Laboratory for Electronics and Information Technolog­y (LETI) research institute based in France, which is owned by CEA and operates within MINATEC pole of excellence.

Dr. Malier graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and received his MS in Solid State Physics from the University of Paris-Orsay in 1990. His thesis covered the synthesis of nanoporous oxides and their applications, and he researched semiconductor nanocristals, fullerenes and optical glasses. In 1996, he was in charge of R&D strategy and programs in electronics at the French Ministry of Defence, where he launched developments in uncooled infrared imagers and high-power gallium nitride RF devices. He also chaired the European Cooperation of DODs in Electronic Components.

In 2001, Dr. Malier joined Alcatel Optronics, a public company producing optoelectronic components for optical telecommunications, in charge of new product development. He took over the semiconductor business unit which became Avanex in 2003, and which he eventually developed into the wafer service business. He joined LETI in 2005 as VP Strategy and Programs. He took over the direction of the institute in October 2006.


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