A1 and Nokia achieve 10 Gbits/s transmission with copper cable

March 22, 2017 – A joint demonstration between A1 and Nokia in Vienna last week achieved transmission rates in excess of 10 Gbit/s for the first time in Austria via copper cable in the fixed line network. The record speed was made possible by an advance in existing G.fast technology, which also supports ultra-high-speed broadband Internet over conventional copper lines and which, in future, will be able to cover steadily rising demand for high-bandwidth Internet services.

Nokia and Facebook break subsea spectral efficiency records in transatlantic field tests

March 21, 2017 – Nokia and Facebook successfully completed multiple submarine field trials over a 5,500 km submarine cable between New York and Ireland.

From communicators to the holodeck, are we getting to Star Trek?

March 21, 2017 – Marcus Weldon, president of Nokia Bell Labs and Nokia CTO, talks about 5G applications that allow us to live more efficiently as humans.

Nokia & Facebook Push Undersea Fiber to 32 Tbit/s

March 21, 2017 – Nokia and Facebook have announced a test where they've jammed 32 Tbit/s down one undersea cable, more than double the bandwidth normally achieved today. The technology involves a Bell Labs invention called probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS).

Nokia announces changes in its organization and Group Leadership Team to accelerate the execution of company strategy

March 17, 2017 – Nokia announces changes in its organization and Group Leadership Team to accelerate the execution of company strategy.

Nokia introduces optical innovations at OFC

March 16, 2017 – Nokia announced an expansion of its flagship optical product family to help operators build end-to-end cloud service delivery networks. The new solutions and capabilities allow operators to scale their networks across premises access, metro aggregation and long haul data center interconnect (DCI).

Nokia and Intel working together to test 5G at Bell Labs

March 14, 2017 – Marcus Weldon, president of Bell Labs and CTO at Nokia aims to create a 5G campus at the 200-acre Murray Hill Bell Labs location.

Nokia Bell Labs opens competition for 2017 Bell Labs Prize

March 09, 2017 – Nokia Bell Labs opens its global competition for the fourth annual Nokia Bell Labs Prize. The Prize recognizes innovators with game-changing ideas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the potential to disrupt or profoundly change the state of human existence and experience by a factor of 10.

Nokia Bell Labs and New Museum Partner to Support Art and Technology Collaboration

February 22, 2017 – The partnership between Nokia Bell Labs and the New Museum will support cultural practitioners working with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Starting in February 2017, three artists from the NEW INC community will work with Bell Labs engineers, who will consult and collaborate on performative projects that engage emerging technologies including robotics, machine learning, drones, and biometry. The resulting projects may be showcased in non-traditional arts venues, with a goal to explore platforms beyond the museum gallery.

Nokia and Intel launch 5G acceleration labs in US and Finland to help operators bring 5G innovations to market

February 21, 2017 – Nokia and Intel are creating joint testing facilities in US and Finland to focus on all aspects of 5G networks from device to cloud. The new Labs will develop 5G solutions in a 'live' environment to address deployment and operational models as standards are defined for commercial solutions.

Optimizing Data Center Placement and Network Design to Strengthen Cloud Computing

February 14, 2017 – Telecommunication experts estimate the amount of data stored “in the cloud” or in remote data centers around the world, will quintuple in the next five years. New research from Nokia Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey may offer a way to capitalize on data center distance to improved data transfer rates for cloud computing based traffic.

World's Fastest PAM4 Signal Explained at DesignCon

February 09, 2017 – Nokia Bell Labs collaborated with Teledyne LeCroy to create a waveform generator capable of generating the highest possible data rates. The team was able to achieve a PAM4 signal at 195 Gbaud which has data rate of 390 Gbps.

Digital imaging inventors win Queen Elizabeth Prize

February 02, 2017 – Four engineers have won the £1 million Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. Nobel Prize winner George E. Smith and Michael F. Tompsett won for the charge coupled device (CCD) imager developed at Bell Labs, sharing the prize with Nobukazu Teranishi who improved on the CCD by inventing the pinned photodiode and with Eric R. Fossum who invented the CMOS imager, the technology that succeeded the CCD in most applications and allowed for the proliferation of cameras in smartphones and other mobile devices.

IMPACT IoT Platform enables service providers, enterprises and government agencies to easily deploy IoT services

January 31, 2017 – Nokia's Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things (IMPACT) will simplify customer deployments of new services and business models for key IoT vertical applications, including smart parking, smart lighting and transportation. The Nokia IMPACT IoT platform was developed to address a complex IoT ecosystem, comprised of disparate applications and devices. Powered by Nokia Bell Labs' machine learning algorithms, IMPACT provides new functionality for a range of IoT applications by automatically detecting anomalies in video feeds in real time, such as traffic accidents, speeding vehicles and unauthorized entry into secure locations, and triggering alerts for further action.

Nokia and Orange Group collaborate to shape the future of 5G services

January 30, 2017 – Nokia and Orange will leverage the existing research collaboration between Orange Labs and Nokia Bell Labs and establish joint innovation platforms at the Nokia Paris Saclay premises and at the Nokia campus in Lannion, in Western France, in collaboration with two Orange's research and innovation sites, Orange Gardens in Chatillon and Orange Labs in Lannion. The companies will open up the laboratories to work with their respective innovation partners, including local enterprises, vertical application providers and local start-ups, to accelerate the ecosystem that will be created around 5G.

Nokia launches MIKA - the first digital assistant customized for telecommunications operators

January 27, 2017 – Nokia has created a customized ‘digital assistant’ MIKA and Predictive Repair care service can predict hardware failures and recommend replacements up to 14 days in advance, with up to 95 percent accuracy. ‘MIKA’ will provide voice-dictated automated assistance to reduce time spent searching information resources, enabling operators to focus on key business tasks without being distracted by the complexities of multi-technology network environments.

Lanzerotti Receives 2016 William Kaula Award

January 04, 2017 – Louis J. Lanzerotti received the 2016 William Kaula Award at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 14 December 2016 in San Francisco, Calif.

Nokia employees awarded by president of Finland

December 06, 2016 – On December 6, 2016, Finland celebrated its 99th Independence Day. As part of the ceremonies, Sauli Niinistö, the President of the Republic of Finland, awarded a number of Nokia employees with medals of honor in recognition of their longstanding and distinguished service to their country. The following Nokia employees were awarded: Knight of the Order of the White Rose of Finland - Eeva Hakoranta, Patent Licensing, Nokia Technologies - Harri Holma, Radio Systems, Nokia Bell Labs - Niko Lalu, Products, Mobile Networks - Lauri Oksanen, Technology, Architecture, Vision, Standards & Services, Nokia Bell Labs - Erja Sankari, Oulu factory, Chief Innovation and Operating Officer unit (CIOO) - Riikka Tieaho, Legal and Compliance Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland - Satu Huuhtanen, Global Services, Mobile Networks - Hannu Järvelin, Quality Management, CIOO - Petteri Rantanen, Health, Safety, Security and Environment, CIOO - Antti Toskala, Radio Standardization, Nokia Bell Labs Cross of Merit of the Order of the White Rose of Finland - Anna Lindén, Operational Management, CIOO - Veli-Matti Ojala, Treasury, Chief Financial Officer unit (CFO) Medal, 1st Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland - Heli Kujala, Health, Safety, Security and Environment, CIOO - Pirjo Nurminen, Radio Networks, Mobile Networks - Karoliina Salminen, Innovation Steering, CIOO - Marjo Vuorenmaa, CEO Office

Nokia showcases 5G innovations driving next era of communication

December 05, 2016 – Nokia has defined a path to 5G that will enable operators to meet the demands of end users while addressing the new opportunities created by IoT and increased machine-to-machine communications for smart cities, automated driving, connected healthcare, transportation and other vertical industries. At IEEE Globecom 2016 Nokia will demonstrate a number of key, complementary innovations that will form the basis of dynamic, intelligent and sustainable 5G networks of the future: Demonstration of an end-to-end spectrum access system that will allow US operators to leverage shared spectrum in the 3.5GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band. This would dramatically enhance in-building and outdoor 4G coverage and capacity while significantly reducing total cost of operation. Nokia Bell Labs will demonstrate its Intelligent Traffic Steering, which will highlight how operators can deliver and dramatically enhance the user experience by leveraging multiple access technologies simultaneously to optimize traffic paths. The latest advances in end-to-end Network Slicing which will enable operators to optimize the delivery of applications and meet the discreet demands of multiple users and devices on the same network hardware. Visitors will also be able to see the Nokia Bell Labs F-Cell - the breakthrough in small cell technology that will allow operators to deliver additional network capacity, lower latency and lower network power consumption through greater flexibility, efficiency and deployment optimization.

Bell Labs launches satellite research center in Madrid

December 02, 2016 – Bell Labs has opened a satellite research center in Madrid with a focus on video technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality. In an interview with El Mundo, Nokia CTO and President of Bell Labs, Marcus Weldon says that telecom will be at the center of a great disruption that will improve people's lives. He notes that today's networks will require 5G to accommodate VR or IoT and Bell Labs is working on the technology to make 5G a reality. "Some time ago we realized that the future of video is in these technologies," he says. "If you're watching a football game, you'll get a helmet, choose which player you want to be and follow the game from its position" forward. Technology personalize the entertainment experience. Similarly will happen with movies. "They will roll for the viewer to choose the point of view and, instead of looking at it, you can be in it." Even with 'machine learning', the characters will react and talk with the human. The new center of Madrid wants to be a "pioneer" in these developments. "Spain is one of the most unique places to innovate," he says. Ambition to innovate, training and collaboration is needed. "Spain, more than anything else in the world, has great talent, great ambition and good cooperation for its social culture," he says.

Nokia Bell Labs launches new satellite center in Spain

November 18, 2016 – Nokia Bell Labs opened a new center for research and innovation in Spain focused on new video technologies and in particular in technologies Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, which play a key role in the digital transformation of industrial sectors, companies, cities, infrastructure and, in general, in the lives of people. The new center will rely on the knowledge and experience in video innovation team in Spain and develop new platforms and video technologies working with owners and content developers, and entrepreneurs and universities ecosystems. Nokia Bell Labs Spain will be an active part of the research and innovation of Nokia, focusing on exploring the possibilities that technology provides to humans. It will also be a catalyst for Nokia Spain when help develop the European Digital Single Market and the Digital Agenda for Spain. "We hope this new satellite center for research and innovation Nokia Bell Labs work intensively with the dynamic innovation ecosystem Spanish, including universities, startups, investors, customers, employees and public entities, as well as the global research community," he explains Nokia president of Bell Labs, Marcus Weldon. "Our capabilities and experience in innovation and our global presence expand the possibilities of enormous talent of the Spaniards when promoting their projects and connect with the global scientific and technological innovation innovative" he adds. Nokia has a history of more than 70 innovation projects developed in Spain in collaboration with universities and research groups of private companies and public institutions. Spanish engineers of R & D of Nokia are experts in ultra broadband technologies and video; systems engineering for the transport sector; network operations solutions; real-time adaptation and automation of service quality on demand; new cloud architectures; Safety for the automotive sector; and new video formats and TV. They are also exploring, among other issues, new applications for the Internet of Things, smart cities and environments devices 'wearable' connected applied to public safety. The new center Bell Labs Nokia Spain will be led by Alvaro Villegas, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff of Bell Labs, which has a more than 20 years of experience in video technologies and is the author of multiple patents. Now, you have the responsibility to develop the Bell Labs team in Spain and directing innovative group projects from different centers of Nokia Spain.

Nokia announces machine learning-powered customer experience solutions; sets new standard for proactive care (Nokia Oyj)

November 17, 2016 – Nokia announces machine learning-powered customer experience solutions; sets new standard for proactive care solutions use Nokia Bell Labs advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver new levels of proactive care and represent significant first steps in bringing autonomous capabilities to the customer care process.

R&D Council of NJ honors Bell Labs inventors

November 07, 2016 – Marcus Weldon, Ilija Hadzic, Dennis R.Morgan, Zulfiquar Sayeed, and Alf Neustadt were recognized at the 37th annual Edison Awards given by the Research and Development Council of New Jersey. The R&D Council awarded Weldon the Council's highest award, the Science and Technology Medal, for his vision for Bell Labs and leadership in innovation. Hadzic, Morgan, Sayeed, and Neustadt (not present) received an Edison patent award for technology providing highly accurate timing synchronization over unreliable packet networks. They were joined by other awardees from the aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, communications, and automotive industries, along with basic research from NJ universities.

IEEE SDN and LANs webinar

October 28, 2016 – The webinar will present results from an internal research project that aims at giving back to users control over their connected lives. By using virtualization and software-defined networking we scout the future of connected environments, in which dedicated, isolated network overlays, within and across administrative domains, are automatically set up on behalf of the users. The resulting solution provides means for users to have fine grained control over the sharing and composition of their IoT resources, by explicitly defining which resources should be shared, with whom and how, while relieving them of the underlying networking technical complexity. We will describe the overall solution before illustrating its behavior in a number of scenarios, insisting on its benefits and challenges such as security & privacy.

Nokia announces Open Innovation Challenge 2016 winners

October 26, 2016 – Start-ups with innovative products focusing on the connected home, digital health and big data have taken the top three spots in Nokia's 2016 Open Innovation Challenge, beating a tough field of over 400 entries in a competition which looks for the next big ideas in Internet of Things domains including public safety, connected automotive, industry 4.0, digital health, utilities, security and smart cities. The challenge was organized in partnership with Nokia Growth Partners, which this year announced a USD 350 million fund for investments in IoT companies.