Murray Hill, NJ, USA

Serving as the global headquarters of Bell Labs, the Murray Hill complex occupies 200 acres in central New Jersey, within easy access of international airports and major highways.

Its long corridors have been home to world leading mathematicians, physicists, chemists, astronomers and all varieties of scientists and engineers. Flexibility is designed into the buildings occupying the campus to accommodate the ever-changing needs of new technologies. A 1.2 megawatt solar power farm is located on the front lawn.


Research in Murray Hill and in neighboring Crawford Hill is devoted to a wide spectrum of communications areas, including optics, wireless and wired broadband, IP routing, virtualization, multimedia, and math. Murray Hill is also the home to programs in network compliance and financial modeling.


While on campus, you might enjoy a visit to the Bell Labs Technology Showcase in the lobby of the main entrance. This display is open to the public weekdays between 7 am - 7 pm, and features the first transistor (invented upstairs on the 4th floor) and an original Telstar satellite. The showcase offers a window into a remarkable and unmatched legacy of technology advancements.   

The campus is also home to the famed anechoic chamber, once listed in the Guinness Book of World records as the quietest place on earth.

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