Creatives and technologists invent new forms of making, sensing, feeling


With the Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) program, Nokia Bell Labs pioneered the fusion of creatives and technologists long before artists in residence became popular. We recently reenergized the E.A.T. program and today have many longer-term artists in-residence and short-term collaborations with artists across the world.

The mission of the modern E.A.T. program is to create new modes of empathic communication that will encourage and enable people to share emotions, sentiments, cognition and experiences. We want to break down barriers that exist between people, races, cultures and religions by enabling higher-order modes of communication beyond the basic spoken and written word. Our goal is to invent technology that will augment human senses and enable new forms of communication, interaction and sharing.

Artists in residence

At the heart of E.A.T. are renowned cultural practitioners who bring today’s emerging technologies into dialogue with diverse traditions of music, voice, dance and visual art.


Harry Yeff

A world-class beatboxer and composer, Harry Yeff — AKA Reeps One — explores the role and value of the human voice in communication.


Seth Cluett

Artist and composer Seth Cluett is researching AR/VR acoustics and multi-sensory communication at his studio at Nokia Bell Labs.


Fei Liu

An accomplished designer, artist, writer and DJ based in New York City, Fei Liu explores digital empathy and the narrative potential of interfaces.


Lainie Fefferman

As a composer and digital performer, Fefferman harnesses the potential of personal devices and networked audio to create intimacy and audience-ownership in live concert contexts.


Toni Dove

Toni Dove fuses film, game or instrument-based interaction with experimental theatre. An unfolding narrative uses technologies such as motion sensing or machine learning to connect with onscreen characters.


Ben Neill

Ben Neill is a composer, performer, and inventor of the electro-acoustic mutantrumpet. He explores new modes of emotion transfer and communication between people using music, visual media, and hybrid instruments


Jules Litman-Cleper

Jules is a new media artist and theorist interested in unpacking simulation as way of knowing as well as the formation and deformation of patterns in organic systems.


Marina Rosenfeld

Marina Rosenfeld is an artist and composer whose work has been at the forefront of experimental practices in sound and performance.


Stephanie Dinkins

Grappling with notions of agency, consciousness, perception and social equity, Dinkins' residency focuses on the AI-mediated future and what it means for communities of color.


Yago de Quay

Bringing together digital media design, performance, visuals, and music, Yago is leveraging our technical expertise to create a new multimedia artwork.


Jasna Rock

A pioneer in innovative fashion, Jasna Rokegem is designing a sentient garment that engages emerging technologies, such as AR, to explore human self-perception.


Sougwen Chung

Evolving the theme of human-robot collaboration, Sougwen explores the fields of collaborative robotics, computer vision and biometrics.


Lisa Park

The latest technologies in biometric sensing formed the basis of Park's artistic work, culminating in the Only Human exhibition and symposium at Mana Contemporary.



Jason Oremus and Garrett Coleman use the movements of dance to guide a drones flight, evoking the interplay between human and machine.


Jeff Thompson

Jeff works on large-scale artworks about wifi, data, and memory and the relationships humans have to computers and phones.


Dr. Erik Viirre

As a biomedical researcher and neurophysiologist, Dr. Virirre's investigates the origin and management of vertigo and tinnitus using virtual reality.

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