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Bell Labs Consulting provides vendor neutral advice to help customers realize the full economic, social, and human ​potential of the future.

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Our mission

Bell Labs Consulting’s mission is to inspire change with thought leadership at the intersection of emerging technology, new business models and societal impact. We are engaging with leading global clients to inspire & drive the transformation of the industry through accelerated adoption of network technologies. Bell Labs Consulting enables our clients to build the next generation infrastructure platform for the metaverse.

Bell Labs Consulting is part of Bell Labs, the world-renowned research arm of Nokia, having invented many of the foundational technologies that underpin information and communications networks and all digital devices and systems. This research has produced nine Nobel Prizes, five Turing Awards, and numerous other awards.

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Communications service providers

The advent of the human–technological revolution is redefining the laws of business survival. The digitization and connection of everything and everyone, enabled by 5G and next generation technologies, will inevitably reshape your competitive landscape. To survive and thrive in such an evolving, dynamic market, you need a fundamental shift in your underlying network and operations infrastructure as well as your business models. Let our technology and business experts create a tailored strategy that will help your business capture the enormous opportunities that lie ahead.

Communications service providers


As software and hardware disaggregate and the power of computing storage and processing becomes readily consumable, there is a unique and profound shift in the dynamics of the networking Industry. New decentralized web3 services and dApps will be exploited and disrupt numerous Industries in the next few years, creating unprecedented business challenges. The symbiosis of cloud service providers, telecom services, and network technologies now requires expertise from multiple domains, which is our unique value proposition.


Enterprises and industry players

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway. Technologies are available to help enterprises and verticals sharpen their competitive edge by bringing automation-powered efficiency, agility and increased safety, security and compliance to their processes. But it takes sound strategies and planning to successfully adopt and gain advantages from these technologies.

Enterprises and industry players

Bell Labs Consulting leaders

Stefan Wilhelm

Head of Bell Labs Consulting, Managing Partner

Claudio Saes

Webscale Industry Practice Lead, Partner

Prabaharan Sukumaran

Enterprise Industry Practice Lead, Partner

Narayan Raman

Business & Services Strategy Practice Lead, Partner

Furquan Ansari

Network & Cloud Infrastructure Practice Lead, Partner

Henrik Scheving

Operations & Transformation Practice Lead, Partner

Anish S Kelkar

USA Market Lead, Partner

Gaurav Korde

Asia Market Lead, Partner


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