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The women driving Nokia research and innovation

Learn what inspires the women who are at the forefront of Nokia research and standards development.

Andrea Redando-Blanco Illustration.png

"As a child I was always interested in understanding the origin of physical phenomena – from why the sky gets red at the sunset to why do we get shocked when rubbing a wool sweater. I soon realized that getting educated in physics was the only way to satisfy this curiosity and, later on, that a career in scientific research would allow me to do that for a living!"

Andrea Blanco-Redondo

Head of Silicon Photonics, Optical Systems & Device Research
Vivian Chen Illustration.png

"My parents definitely had the biggest impact on me choosing the fields of science and engineering. Both are mechanical engineers. They introduced and described the world to me through the eyes of engineers."

Vivian Chen

Head of Optical Transmissions Subsystems, Optical Systems & Device Research
Lalita Jagadeesan Illustration.png

"My role model is my mother. She got her PhD in mathematics when I was just 6 years old. That accomplishment inspired me immensely, and ever since then I knew that one day I would pursue a PhD of my own."

Lalita Jagadeesan

Research Scientist, Network Systems & Security Research
Ozge Kaya Illustration.png

"I find Lise Meitner inspiring for her perseverance and humanity. She is known for the discovery of the element protactinium and nuclear fission, which led to the development of the first atomic bomb. But she foresaw the destructive potential of the bomb and declined to join the Manhattan Project due to her values."

Ozge Kaya

Senior Research Engineer, Radio Systems Research
Anne Lee Illustration.png

"My role model today is Nancy Hopkins, the MIT biology professor who was featured in the documentary 'Picture a Scientist'. All she wanted to spend her time on was her science, and yet she has also tirelessly worked to help the next generation of women scientists."

Anne Lee

AI and Core Leadership CTO Partner, Technology Leadership Office
Qi Liao Illustration.png

"When I was a child, I never got tired of searching for the truth and understanding the world. Step by step, this passion grew. From understanding prior knowledge to creating new knowledge, I could help people to live an easier and happier life!"

Qi Liao

Senior Research Engineer, Network Systems & Security Research
Atefeh Mohajeri Illustration.png

"I am inspired by the women who are trying their best to find places for themselves in scientific communities that are very male dominated. Despite all the hardship they face, they do not give up."

Atefeh Mohajeri

Human Augmented Sensing, AI Research
Eiman Bushra Mohyeldin Illustration.png

"In school I was more fascinated by experiments in the lab than history or geography lessons. I originally dreamed about being a surgeon, but then I did a summer internship dismantling and assembling electronic circuits. That’s when I knew I needed to make a change and pursue a technology path."

Eiman Bushra Mohyeldin

Head of Spectrum Standardization, Nokia Standards
Marja Salmimaa Illustration.png

"Science and technology, creativity and a life-long learning have always been valued in my family. I was constantly exposed to new technologies at home, and it sowed the desire to discover something new."

Marja Salmimaa

Distinguished Research Leader, Integrated Solutions & Experience Research
Cinzia Sartori Illustration.jpeg

"I loved Star Trek, Captain Kirk and his crew's travels through the galaxies while defending the Federation of Planets. What truly still inspires me in science is the exploration of new ways of thinking about the world and the implications for humanity."

Cinzia Sartori

Principal Engineer, Nokia Standards
Francesca Sartori Illustration.jpeg

"I have always admired Katherine Johnson. Despite all the difficulties being a black woman in a world of men in the 50’s, she never gave up. Her perseverance and passion were crucial for the success of the pioneering Apollo missions."

Francesca Sartori

Principal Solution Architect, Nokia Standards
Dora Van Veen Illustration.png

"The first woman I saw as a role model in my career was Cherry Murray. I met her during lunches for women in Bell Labs when I first started here in Murray Hill. Her fearlessness inspired me to not be afraid to accept a challenge. She also showed me that it is possible to have an amazing career in science and engineering while also being a mother."

Dora Van Veen

Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Optical Systems & Devices Research