Paris-Saclay, France

Philippe Jacquet

MathDyn Activity leader


Married two children


1978-1981: Ecole Polytechnique (graduation rank 9/320)

1983 Ingenieur du Corps National des Mines

1989 PhD, Universite Paris Sud. Adviser: Philippe Flajolet

1998 Habilitation a diriger les recherches.

Professional activites

1978-1981: Ingenieur Eleve de l'Ecole Polytechnique

1981-: Ingenieur du Corps National des Mines

1985-2012: Researcher in INRIA (on leave from Corps des Mines)

2012-: Research director in Bell Labs France.

Selected articles and publications


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    Conference with committee by years


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Honors & Awards

Prix Science et Défense 2004.

2020 IEEE Fellow