Stuttgart, Germany

Eugen Lach



Eugen is working in the high-speed systems, switching and processing group within the IP transport program.

Eugen received his Ph.D. degree in 1991 from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. In 1992 he joined the Alcatel Corporate Research Centre in Stuttgart, where he was engaged in modeling, design and characterization of high-speed opto-electronic devices.
From 1996 he worked in system department of Alcatel Research & Innovation on high-speed OTDM and ETDM based transmission systems and later in Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs on 100G systems.
Eugen´s current research activities are focussed on large-scale high-speed switching and high-capacity optical transport.

He has been engaged in many national projects (BMBF Photonik II, MultiTeraNet TETRAS, 100NET) and European projects (RACE ATMOS, ACTS HIGHWAY, IST TOPRATE, Eureka CATRENE RF2THz-SiSoC, Eureka CELTIC 100GET). Eugen is coordinator of the entire Celtic-Plus research project SASER and the sub-project SASER-SaveNet.



Ph.D., 4th Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 1991
       Research area semiconductor physics with main focus on
      many-body interactions in
electron-hole plasmas in quantum well structures.

Dipl. Phys., 4th Institute of Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 1986


Honors & Awards

Member of the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy