Naperville, IL, USA

Anne Lee

CTO Partner


Anne is an accomplished telecom veteran and Bell Labs Fellow with over 25 years of experience.  She is a technologist at heart - electrical engineer and computer scientist by training.

Anne is in the Bell Labs Corporate CTO group supporting the CTO and CEO by analyzing the evolution of key technologies and the overall network architecture to identify new directions for the industry and the impact and requirements on the company's portfolio.

She is an Alcatel-Lucent pioneer and original technical team leader for the IP Multimedia Subsystem. Anne was a technical team leader for multiple key wireless projects. She was the CTO of Advanced Communications Solutions Innovations, spearheading new technologies introduction, such as WebRTC.  She is interested in providing technology & product strategy support across the portfolio including API exposure and rich communications services. 

Anne has multiple patents and publications. Bell Labs Technical Journal and IEEE guest editor.