Our people

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  • Paarijaat Aditya
    Research Scientist – Stuttgart, Germany

    My research interests focus on building Mobile systems, Security & Privacy, Deep learning on mobile devices, and Cloud Computing

  • Vahid Aref
    Stuttgart, Germany

    Vahid Aref is a member of technical staff in IP and Optical Networks research lab within Nokia Bell Labs since 2015. He received his PhD …

  • Sourav Bhattacharya
    Research Scientist – Cambridge, UK

    Sourav joined Bell Labs as a Postdoctoral Researcher in February 2015, and since February 2016 Sourav has been a Member of the Technical Staff (MTS) …

  • Majid Butt
    Senior Research Specialist – Paris-Saclay, France

    Dr. Majid Butt received PhD and MS degrees in telecommunication from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway and Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany, respectively. …

  • Mathieu Chagnon
    MTS, Research Scientist – Stuttgart, Germany

    Mathieu Chagnon is a Member of Technical Staff and an optical transmission systems researcher in the Smart Optical Fabric and Devices Lab at Nokia Bell …

  • Fariborz Derakhshan
    Senior Research Scientist – Stuttgart, Germany

    Fariborz Derakhshan is a senior research scientist and inventor at Bell Labs, Germany. He is working on the design and development of new network architectures, …

  • Ester Gonzalez

    Ester Gonzalez-Sosa joined the Distributed Reality Solutions team in Bell Labs Madrid in 2017, where she investigates immersive video analytics. She received her M.Sc in …

  • Cecilia Gonzalez Alvarez
    Researcher in Computer Science – Antwerp, Belgium

    I received a joint PhD degree in Computer Architecture and Computer Science from UPC/Barcelona Tech and Ghent University in 2015. I hold an Informatics Engineering degree …

  • Michael Jarschel
    Senior Research Engineer – Munich, Germany

    Michael Jarschel is working as a research engineer in the area of Network Softwarization at Nokia Bell Labs in Munich, Germany. He finished his Ph.D. thesis, …

  • Istvan Ketyko
    Research Scientist – Budapest, Hungary


  • Imran Latif
    Research Engineer – Paris-Saclay, France

    Imran Latif is working in End-to-End Mobile Network Solutions lab in Paris-Saclay, France. He is actively pursuing his research on, coudification and virtualization techniques for …