Nokia Bell Labs around the globe


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Murray Hill, New Jersey, US

The global headquarters of Nokia Bell Labs hosts the first end-to-end 5G lab

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Espoo, Finland

Nokia Bell Labs Espoo is located on the bustling Nokia Headquarters campus, one of Nokia's largest R&D sites

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Paris-Saclay, Nozay, France

Nokia Bell Labs France, an R&D hub in the Paris region’s innovation cluster

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Munich, Germany

Nokia Bell Labs Munich is co-located with the Nokia Digitalization & Technology hub

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Stuttgart, Germany

Nokia Bell Labs Stuttgart, at the heart of the German digital hub for future industries

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Antwerp, Belgium

Nokia Bell Labs Antwerp, the leading corporate ICT research center in Belgium

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Shanghai, China

Nokia Bell Labs Shanghai, one of the top ten corporate research centers in China

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Budapest, Hungary

Nokia Bell Labs Budapest, located in Nokia Skypark one of the largest ICT centers in Hungary

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Aalborg, Denmark

Nokia Bell Labs Aalborg, located at the innovative NOVI science park at the outskirts of the Aalborg University

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Cambridge, United Kingdom

Nokia Bell Labs Cambridge, located in the West Cambridge campus in proximity to world-leading academic departments

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Oulu, Finland

Nokia Bell Labs Oulu is co-located with Nokia's “home of radio”, 5G radio R&D and factory of the future

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Chicago, US

Nokia Bell Labs Chicago, located by the city with the world’s #1 private tech incubator

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Tel Aviv, Israel

An R&D center strategically located at the heart of one of the leading hubs for ICT, Cyber and AI innovation

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